A Brief History of Life Transformation Ministries (LTM) BILLIRI (1997-2014)


The Vision Given

The vision to start a Youth Ministry was revealed to me around 1997-1998. It came one afternoon, while I was praying on my parents’ farmland. After doing some farm work, and my siblings had left, I looked for a place in the bush, and began praying to God. My heart was so heavy as I reflected on the life struggles of young people, and the society at large. Deep within me, something told me that there was a need for transformation in people’s lives, and I was praying to God to bring revival. While praying for the coming revival, I said:

God, I know you are going to bring revival in this generation. Right now, I don’t know how it is going to happen. I don’t know when it is going to happen, and I don’t know whom you are going to use. But this I pray, oh Lord, that when you begin the revival, please do not pass me by! Please, make me a part of the transformation you are about to bring in this generation.

After the prayer that afternoon, I knew that God wanted me to do something, but it was not clear what God was directing me to do. However, I knew it was going to be clear with time.

While I was a student at the Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS, 2002-2004), the strong emphasis on youth and children ministry by my teacher, Rev. Jeremiah Samson influenced greatly. Also, the “informal” mentoring I got from Rev. Dr. Nathan Chiroma, also my teacher, made a huge impact on me. Their influence on me re-focused my understanding of ministry and put a heavy burden in my heart for the next generation. I naturally began to think of ways to impact the young people for a better future.

The Vision Started

The practical implementation of the vision began in 2006, with the production of a Christian magazine while I was working as a pastor in Kumo. The name of the magazine was Spring of Life Magazine. Rev. Dr. Simon Ibrahim gave me very strong support. He edited all the work and always encouraged me to move on despite challenges. Also, Rev. Maxwell D. Parpashi, and the board of elders of ECWA Good News church Kumo, supported me tremendously.

After I got married in 2011, my wife and I started a Sports Ministry with teenagers in 2012, at our house. My wife received a special training by Sports Friends Ministry in Jos, after which she was able to start a sports group with some young girls under the auspices of ECWA church No 1 Billiri. I began a Badminton sports group with some young men of between 14 to 17 years.

Towards the end of 2012, we began showing movies at ECWA No. 1 Billiri, in order to reach out to more young people. We found help from ECWA GoodNews Billiri, which generously borrowed us their projector whenever we needed it. Some of the young people who were helping me included: Molta Matthew, Ibrahim Abel, Ishaya Amos, Ibzan Ibrahim Malon, Godwin Philip, Alfred Ishaku and Elkanah Bayero.

Divine Connection

By Divine arrangement, I met with Mrs Asabe Edward Adamu in November 2012 at Abuja, where we discussed at length about the spiritual climate of the church back at home, especially, the young people.

Mrs Adamu later provided us with a new Projector and its screen in December 2012. With this blessing, we started showing movies at different places and during Fellowship Group’s Conferences.

With the strong support of Rev. Ezra Idi, the Board of Elders, and the entire members of ECWA No.1 Billiri, the Ministry began to expand and produced more fruits. By June 2013, we had begun a regular Sunday Evening Movie Show at the church. I was working with about five people.

What God Did Through the Ministry in the Year 2013

  1. Fourteen indoor and outdoor outreaches
  2. Movie Nights – every Sunday evening at ECWA No.1 Billiri
  3. Total number of New Converts – 101
  4. Those who made their ways right with God – over one hundred

We compiled and sent detailed reports of our activities to Mrs Adamu, in appreciation of the ministry tools she has provided for us.

By the end of 2013, Mrs Adamu has provided us with a “complete” set of Musical Instruments worth, N 484,100.00.


With the expansion of the work and the provision of the musical instruments, came some challenges and the need to get more people onboard, so that the work would be easier and more effective. The following steps were taken.

December 2013                                                                                                                            

I prayed and fasted for several days for God to guide me, as I select people with whom God would like us to work together. I was praying for people who would be committed to Jesus, faithful in serving him, humble, patient, and sacrificial in all things. I prayed to God to give me people who share the similar life values that I have so that there would be a spiritual and psycho-social cohesion among us.

January 2014                                                                                                                   

Vision-sharing: I talked one-on-one, or one-on-group, with over 40 young people, whom I felt the Lord was directing me to work with.

24th – 25th January 2014                                                                                                      

One-on-one interaction/interview with about 30 young people who have indicated interest to come on board. The purpose of the interaction was to ensure that the people coming on board: 1) have a personal relationship with Jesus; 2) are growing in their relationship with Jesus; 3) understand that joining the ministry requires sacrifice for the sake of the gospel; 4) understand and are willing to share the core values of the ministry.

Evan. Eric Black, Past. David Bilal, and Rev. Sunday Wanzam, helped me in interviewing the young people at the CAN Centre, Billiri.

6th – 8th February 2014                                                                                                         

Start-Up Workshop, with over 40 young people in attendance. The aim of this first workshop was to introduce and deepen members’ understanding of the ministry’s Mission Statement, Objectives, Vision, Strategies, and Core Values. The workshop was also designed ed to help members identify their area(s) of calling within the ministry and to foster unity and love among them.

Resource persons at the workshop included Evang. Eric Black, Rev. Sunday Wanzam, Past. Yohanna Pilau, Past. David P. Bilal, Past. Ishaya Maifutuk and Andele Y. Tadi.

9th March 2014                                                                                                                

Official Inauguration and Special Prayers for the ministry. The ministry was inaugurated by Rev. Dr. Simon Ibrahim. The ministry was named, Life Transformation Ministry (LTM).

Name Change:

After it was discovered that there are other ministries with the same name and the acronym LTM, the leaders in their meeting on March 27, 2018, agreed on a new name for the ministry: Community Life Transformation Ministry (CLTM).


  1. Be on your knees on behalf of CLTM.
  2. Join LTM (It requires serious commitment and sacrifice).
  3. Provide financial and/or material support to CLTM.

“Where there is a Divine Vision, there is also a Divine Provision”


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