Who we are!

We are a family of young people, called out by God, to live for Him, and to serve Him in holiness and reverence, so that God’s name is exalted among the nations.

Mission Statement

CLTM exists to honour God by reaching the young people for Christ and helping them grow to become obedient and productive disciples of Jesus.


  1. Evangelism and Discipleship: Music, Film Shows, Preaching, Bible Studies, Counselling, Distribution of Bibles and Christian Literature.
  2.  Community Development: Sports, Health Services, Educational and Schools services.


CLTM envisions a generation of healthy disciples of Jesus who grow to reproduce their kind and impact their communities.

CLTM Objectives

  1. To identify and analyse the spiritual and socio-economic matrix of some various people groups in Africa, through research and environmental scanning.
  2. To reach the unreached people groups with the Gospel of Christ; and to help individual Christians grow in their faith and knowledge of God, through evangelism and discipleship.
  3. To ignite spiritual revival in the existing local churches and communities, by emphasising prayer, Bible reading, Bible studies, and worship.
  4. To initiate and catalyse community development in rural and suburban areas, through the provision of health and educational services.
  5. To help young people excel in their educational pursuit, and build up successful carriers; by encouraging reading culture, self-reliance and entrepreneurship among them.
  6. To provide socio-economic and political awareness to the young people, with the aim of developing patriotic and productive citizens.

CLTM 12 Core Values

  1. Personal Encounter with Jesus and Intimate Relationship with Him.
  2. Inner Holiness and Personal Integrity.
  3. Praise and Worship to Jesus
  4. Selfless and Humble Service.
  5. Soul-winning and Discipleship.
  6. Listening to the Voice of the Holy Spirit and Doing the Will of God.
  7. Reciprocal Mentoring and Networking with others
  8. The Primacy and the Centrality of the Bible in all things
  9. Prayer and Unmovable Faith in all Situations
  10. Professional Excellence
  11. Community Development and Empowerment
  12. Stewardship of Talents, Time and Resources

Various Areas of Ministry

  1. Research and Planning Ministry
  2. Music Ministry
  3. Prayer and Counselling Ministry
  4. Children Ministry
  5. Sports Ministry
  6. Engineering and Technical Ministry
  7. Film Ministry
  8. Follow-up and Discipleship Ministry
  9. Health and Social Services Ministry
  10. ICT and Website Management Ministry
  11. Educational and Schools Services Ministry
  12. Drama and Rendition Ministry




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