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CLTM 2021 Workshop and Scholarship Award (3rd-4Th September).

The focus of our workshop this year was on Mentoring young people in the spheres of education, business, politics, spirituality, etc. The workshop ended up with our annual awards of tuition scholarships to our MAFEELDA scholars. These are 14 College students who are either orphans or less privileged.

2021 CLTM/ACM Rice and Funds Distribution to Pastors

We give thanks and praise to our God for the successful outreach of rice and money distribution to pastors on 13/08/21. CLTM/ACM distributed rice and funds worth more than half a million Naira to 55 pastors. Glory be to God.

This project was sponsored by the Friend Christian Assembly in Friend, NE. They sent us $1,000 and someone added $100. This was exchanged at N495 plus the N5,500 CBN bonus of N5 to any $1 withdrawal. This totaled N550,000.

Each pastor got a 25kg bag of rice worth N5,900, and each also received N3,000 (except 2 of them who received higher amount because of their unique situation). We pray that these would be a blessing to the men of God and their families in these difficult times.

A big thanks to the committee and some of our leaders and members who sacrificed their time, wisdom, energy, and resources to see that this outreach was a success. Our ministry bus broke down on the way to Gombe on Thursday but they were able to fix it.

Below are pictures from the event. Thank you.

2021 CLTM/ACM Annual Grains Distribution

The food distribution ministry of CLTM (ACM) in Nigeria provides food for widows and orphans during the critical months of July and August when there is food scarcity in Nigeria. Eight (8) bags of maize (corn) and three (3) bags of rice were given out to over 70 widows and orphans in Billiri on 27/07/202. The total cost was $500US received from a donor. We give glory to God. All donations to ACM are tax-exempt.

CLTM 2021 Easter Outreach

The Outreach took place at Banganje/Kalmai 3-4TH April, 2021

CLTM Capacity Development on “Proposal and Report Writing”

CLTM Director, Secretary, and Finance officer at a “Proposal and Report Writing Training” in Jos, Plateau State. Organized by the KRP Group on February 15-17, 2021

CLTM 2020 Christmas outreach

CLTM Acquires Ministry Bus

CLTM Two-day Entrepreneurship Training

CLTM organized a two-day entrepreneurship training for some 25 selected youths in Billiri. The training was administered by the “Information Generation Academy, Gombe.” Sponsored by Dr. Haruna I. Latuji and Pastor A.Y. Tadi.

CLTM Distributes COVID-19 Palliatives

CLTM distributes Rice and Maggi to 10 pastors and 26 widows and orphans as COVID-19 palliatives. This is sponsored by the “Friend Church” Nebraska, USA.

CLTM Two-day Workshop for MAFEELDA Scholars

All the 11 beneficiaries of the MAFEELDA scholarship received a two day workshop on 5-6 June 2020. The ministry selected 10 more young people and added to the 11 so they too may benefit from the workshop. Special thanks to brother Stephen Twan (FCS traveling secretary for Borno-Yobe), and sister Rejoice Ali (founder and director of “Project 13”) who were the resource persons during the workshop.

2020 Evangelistic Outreaches

Evangelistic Outreach at Sansani Billiri LGA between 28-29 February 2020

2019 Christmas Outreach

Christmas celebration service organized by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) on 26th December 2019. With the Mai Tangle, Dr. Abdu Buba Mai Sheru II, in attendance.

Four-day Christmas outreach at Pokwangli Billiri between 21-24 December 2019.

2019 Funding and Scholarships

Presentation and signing of MAFEELDA college tuition scholarship award letters and checks to 10 orphans/fatherless by Mr. Paul Meringolo from New York in the month of November 2019. The beneficiaries are also seen praying and praising God for the offer.

Children Outreach

Distribution of new school uniforms to 60 orphans, and books and pens to 120 orphans on 10/29/2019. Made possible through the generosity of the Children Ministry of Friend Christian Assembly Nebraska, USA.

Bible Study, Leadership and Prayer Sessions

A bi-monthly bible study and prayer meeting during which CLTM members pray for the ministry and its supporters

Music Ministry Collections

Gift Distribution and CLTM event captures

Bible Distribution, Easter crusade, and other events.

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