How it started I

The Vision Given

The vision to start a Youth Ministry was revealed to me around 1997-1998. It came one afternoon, while I was praying on my parents’ farmland. After doing some farm work, and my siblings had left, I looked for a place in the bush, and began praying to God. My heart was so heavy as I reflected on the life struggles of young people, and the society at large. Deep within me, something told me that there was a need for transformation in people’s lives, and I was praying to God to bring revival. While praying for the coming revival, I said:

God, I know you are going to bring revival in this generation. Right now, I don’t know how it is going to happen. I don’t know when it is going to happen, and I don’t know whom you are going to use. But this I pray, oh Lord, that when you begin the revival, please do not pass me by! Please, make me a part of the transformation you are about to bring in this generation.

After the prayer that afternoon, I knew that God wanted me to do something, but it was not clear what God was directing me to do. However, I knew it was going to be clear with time.

While I was a student at the Jos ECWA Theological Seminary (JETS, 2002-2004), the strong emphasis on youth and children ministry by my teacher, Rev. Jeremiah Samson influenced greatly. Also, the “informal” mentoring I got from Rev. Dr. Nathan Chiroma, also my teacher, made a huge impact on me. Their influence on me re-focused my understanding of ministry and put a heavy burden in my heart for the next generation. I naturally began to think of ways to impact the young people for a better future.