How it started II

The Vision Started

The practical implementation of the vision began in 2006, with the production of a Christian magazine while I was working as a pastor in Kumo. The name of the magazine was Spring of Life Magazine. Rev. Dr. Simon Ibrahim gave me very strong support. He edited all the work and always encouraged me to move on despite challenges. Also, Rev. Maxwell D. Parpashi, and the board of elders of ECWA Good News church Kumo supported me tremendously.

After I got married in 2011, my wife and I started a Sports Ministry with teenagers in 2012, at our house. My wife received a special training by Sports Friends Ministry in Jos, after which she was able to start a sports group with some young girls under the auspices of ECWA church No 1 Billiri. I began a Badminton sports group with some young men of between 14 to 17 years.

Towards the end of 2012, we began showing movies at ECWA No. 1 Billiri, in order to reach out to more young people. We found help from ECWA GoodNews Billiri, which generously borrowed us their projector whenever we needed it. Some of the young people who were helping me included: Molta Matthew, Ibrahim Abel, Ishaya Amos, Ibzan Ibrahim Malon, Godwin Philip, Alfred Ishaku and Elkanah Bayero.