Leaders of CLTM

Pastor Amdele Y. Tadi: Founder and Pioneer Director Executives Pastor Yohanna Musa Pilau: Director Reverend Sunday Wanzam: Deputy Director, Evangelistic Ministries Bahago Bagobiri: Deputy Director, Technical Ministries Pastor David Paul Bilal: Deputy Director, Community Development Ministries Sabastine Timothy: Secretary Samuel Zakayo: Financial Officer Eleazar Haruna: Treasurer Ibzan Ibrahim Mahlon: Public Relations Officer Heads of Ministries […]

A Brief History of Life Transformation Ministries (LTM) BILLIRI (1997-2014)

HOW IT ALL STARTED The Vision Given The vision to start a Youth Ministry was revealed to me around 1997-1998. It came one afternoon, while I was praying on my parents’ farmland. After doing some farm work, and my siblings had left, I looked for a place in the bush, and began praying to God. […]