Report of the Rice and Funds Distribution to Pastors

We give thanks and praise to our God for the successful outreach of rice and money distribution to pastors on 13/08/21. CLTM/ACM distributed rice and funds worth more than half a million Naira to 55 pastors. Glory be to God. This project was sponsored by the Friend Christian Assembly in Friend, NE. They sent usContinue reading “Report of the Rice and Funds Distribution to Pastors”

Domino Effects of Doing Good (God is Moving Hearts)

The food distribution ministry of CLTM (ACM) in Nigeria provides food for widows and orphans during the critical months of July and August when there is food scarcity in Nigeria. Most families would have expended whatever they stored from the December harvest from the previous year, and the new crops (primarily corn) have not ripenedContinue reading “Domino Effects of Doing Good (God is Moving Hearts)”

CLTM/ACM Mentor Cycle Talks

On Saturday 19th June 2021, CLTM/ACM held a mentor cycle session entitled Education and Ministry. The event was moderated by Rev. Andele Tadi (Founder, CLTM & President, ACM). The main Speaker at the event was Bitrus Cobongs (Founder & VP, ACM). Other speakers include Prof. Nathan Chiroma (Africa Director, ACM); Ms. Helen Bako (Mentor); Mr.Continue reading “CLTM/ACM Mentor Cycle Talks”