Leaders of CLTM


Leaders of the Ministry

Pastor Andele Y. Tadi: Founder and Visioneer


  1. Mr. Sabastine Timothy: Director
  2. Reverend Sunday Wanzam: Deputy Director for Evangelistic Ministries
  3. Mr. Bahago Bagobiri: Deputy Director for Technical Ministries
  4. Mr. Peter Mamman Lashen: Deputy Director for Community Development Ministries
  5. Mr. Abubakar Umar Tina: Secretary
  6. Mr. Samuel Zakayo: Financial Officer I
  7. Mr. Eleazar Haruna: Financial Officer II
  8. Mr. Ibzan Ibrahim Mahlon: Public Relations Officer

Heads of Ministries

  1. Mr. Daniel Ehud: Research and Planning Ministry (RPM)
  2.  Mr. Eli Ehud: Music Ministry (MM)
  3.  Mr. Iliya I. Danbukata: Prayer and Counselling Ministry (PCM)
  4.  Mr. Habila Hassan: Children Ministry (CM)
  5.  Mr. Danlami Baka: Sports Ministry (SM)
  6.  Mr. Ibrahim Abel: Engineering and Technical Ministry (ETM)
  7.  Mr. Molta Matthew: Film Ministry (FM)
  8.  Mr. Ode Omirigbe: Follow-up and Discipleship Ministry (FDM)
  9.  Mr. Hussaini John Maipandi: Health and Social Services Ministry (HSSM)
  10.  Mr. Paul A. Lakodi: Educational and Schools Services Ministry (ESSM)

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