“City of Bethlehem” Christmas Outreach on 12th, 19th, 24th-27th of December 2021

a) This was the first of its kind in the entire Northeastern Nigeria (some say in the entire country), in terms of its uniqueness and approach.
b) The event was aimed at reaching out to people with the Gospel of Jesus through a simulation of the Birth of Jesus’ experience. The simulation included: the Star of Bethlehem leading people to the Baby Jesus home, the Magi, Mary and Joseph, and the Baby in a manger inside a thatched house.
c) This Christmas event attracted thousands of people: children, youth, the elderly, Muslims, and animists, as well as people from the surrounding communities within Gombe State.
d) Other activities included memory verses recitation in Tangale Language, songs, and film shows.
e) The venue was ECWA Gospel Center, Bare, in Billiri.
f) During the celebration, gifts were shared among kids who participated in the memory verses recitation: Christian books, soft drinks, and biscuits.
g) After the event, some people from Gombe and Kaltungo suggested that CLTM introduce this program in their towns in December 2022.
h) A total of N447, 125, 000 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/ACM.

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