Capacity Building Workshop at Jos Plateau, on 14-17 December 2021

a) This training was facilitated by the HESED Institute for Leadership Development in Africa.
b) The workshop aimed at building individuals to be effective and relevant in areas such as discipleship, family (relationship and marriage), entrepreneurship, leadership and governance.
c) CLTM sent and sponsored 10 very influential young people who were carefully selected to benefit from this specialized training: Rev. Sunday Wanzam, Rev. Ishaya H. Maifutuk, Barr. Wanzami Garba, Mr. Bobo Benson Bagwiba, Mr. Emmanuel David, Mr. Christian Gideon Musa, Pastor Molmela Umaru, Mr. Sabastine Timothy, Mr. Anuhu Boyi, Mr. Abu Umar.
g) A total of N205, 000 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/ACM

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