Major Mission Outreach to Dadiya Mountains on 8th-9th November 2021

a) Target community: Lagolwa region on the mountains of Dadiya that straddle the boarders of Taraba and Gombe State, Nigeria.
b) Activities Done: preaching of the gospel of Jesus, film show, medical services, counseling, presentation of school materials and medical items/drugs, and listening to the needs of the community.
c) Fruit: God blessed the outreach with 6 people who gave their lives to Christ and 8 people who made their ways right with God.
d) Needs we discovered in the community:
i) The community is without school. The hundreds of kids grow to adulthood without even a primary education.
ii) No single health facility or health worker. The villagers walk 2-3 hours up and down the mountains to access primary health services.
iii) No clean drinking water.
f) A total of N73, 300 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/ACM

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