Opening of a Primary School in Lagolwa (December 2021)

a) CLTM decided to address one of the 3 needs discovered in Lagolwa: education.
b) With the help of the ECWA/EMS pastor in the community, CLTM opened a primary school in December 2021.
c) Number of students: started with around 30 pupils, by January the number increased to 130.
d) CLTM named the school “Grace Primary School” (GPS).
e) Married women and children of the Fulanis in the surrounding hamlets are trooping to Grace Primary School.
f) So far, CLTM has provided several school supplies and other items as follows: 6 pieces of Mats, 2 school bells, 160 pieces of exercise books, 4 packets of pens, 2 packets of pencils, 2 packets of sharpeners, 2 packets of erasers, 1 big sized white board, 2 packets of whiteboard markers, 2 pieces of wooden black boards, 3 packets of chalks, 3 dusters, 4 packets of pencils, 1 packets of ruler, 10 pieces of school report books, 2 baco bags filled with cloths, and first aid drugs for treating malaria, typhoid, cough, ring worm, ulcer, diarrhea and body pains worth N17, 500.
g) The 4 teaches of GPS in Lagolwa will be brought to Billiri for a 2-day capacity building training in May 2022.
h) Fruit: one of the Fulani Muslim women who have been attending GPS has recently given her life to Christ. She has been moved to a different town for discipleship. Praise be to God for great things that He has done!
i) Most of the items were provided by CLTM Board of Trustees members and other community members, but the ministry spent a total of N49, 900 to buy other needed items.

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