Quiz Competition & Education Summit in February 2022

a) CLTM organized a maiden Quiz Competition and Education Summit for Senior Secondary School year 3 students in all the schools within Billiri LGA.
b) The three categories for the competitions were: Sciences, Arts, & Social Sciences.
c) The Guest Speaker was Dr. Moses Okwori Arome, Faculty of Law, University of Jos.
d) Topic: “Strategic Educational Development for Marginalized Communities in Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects.”
e) The top winners of the contest are as follows:
(i) Science category: Job Jonah of Government Day Secondary School, Tal.
(ii) Arts category: Almond Joseph M of Babadidi Science & Technical College, Tanglang.
(iii) Social Science category: Joseph Habila Tugga of All Saints College, Billiri.
f) They were each awarded with full-tuition scholarships to study at any Nigerian university of their choice.
g) The ministry also paid the NECO registration fees of N25,000 to all the best three for each category – totaling 5 (4 people were disqualified).
h) All 5 winners also get to have free ICT training to prepare them for university education.
i) A total of about N484, 010 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/AC

Valentine Program for the Youths on 13th-14th February 2022

a) The purpose of this program was to help correct the misunderstanding about the word “love” among young people.
b) The program featured teachings, panel discussions, drama, and song ministrations.
c) The topic was: “When Love is Fake.”
d) Guest Speaker was Rev. Ishaya H. Maifutuk.
e) Venue: ECWA Goodnews Billiri.
f) A total of about N36, 000 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/ACM.

Distribution of Christmas Gifts to all Members of CLTM 23rd December 2021

a) As a way to appreciate all the members of the ministry, each of them received gifts of a half bag of rice and about 10 kilograms of beef for Christmas.
b) The leaders were given a full bag of rice each and the meat.
c) These gifts were meant to serve as an incentive to the members for their efforts and sacrifices in the service of God through CLTM.
d) A total of about N386, 000 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/ACM.

“City of Bethlehem” Christmas Outreach on 12th, 19th, 24th-27th of December 2021

a) This was the first of its kind in the entire Northeastern Nigeria (some say in the entire country), in terms of its uniqueness and approach.
b) The event was aimed at reaching out to people with the Gospel of Jesus through a simulation of the Birth of Jesus’ experience. The simulation included: the Star of Bethlehem leading people to the Baby Jesus home, the Magi, Mary and Joseph, and the Baby in a manger inside a thatched house.
c) This Christmas event attracted thousands of people: children, youth, the elderly, Muslims, and animists, as well as people from the surrounding communities within Gombe State.
d) Other activities included memory verses recitation in Tangale Language, songs, and film shows.
e) The venue was ECWA Gospel Center, Bare, in Billiri.
f) During the celebration, gifts were shared among kids who participated in the memory verses recitation: Christian books, soft drinks, and biscuits.
g) After the event, some people from Gombe and Kaltungo suggested that CLTM introduce this program in their towns in December 2022.
h) A total of N447, 125, 000 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/ACM.

Capacity Building Workshop at Jos Plateau, on 14-17 December 2021

a) This training was facilitated by the HESED Institute for Leadership Development in Africa.
b) The workshop aimed at building individuals to be effective and relevant in areas such as discipleship, family (relationship and marriage), entrepreneurship, leadership and governance.
c) CLTM sent and sponsored 10 very influential young people who were carefully selected to benefit from this specialized training: Rev. Sunday Wanzam, Rev. Ishaya H. Maifutuk, Barr. Wanzami Garba, Mr. Bobo Benson Bagwiba, Mr. Emmanuel David, Mr. Christian Gideon Musa, Pastor Molmela Umaru, Mr. Sabastine Timothy, Mr. Anuhu Boyi, Mr. Abu Umar.
g) A total of N205, 000 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/ACM