Opening of a Primary School in Lagolwa (December 2021)

a) CLTM decided to address one of the 3 needs discovered in Lagolwa: education.
b) With the help of the ECWA/EMS pastor in the community, CLTM opened a primary school in December 2021.
c) Number of students: started with around 30 pupils, by January the number increased to 130.
d) CLTM named the school “Grace Primary School” (GPS).
e) Married women and children of the Fulanis in the surrounding hamlets are trooping to Grace Primary School.
f) So far, CLTM has provided several school supplies and other items as follows: 6 pieces of Mats, 2 school bells, 160 pieces of exercise books, 4 packets of pens, 2 packets of pencils, 2 packets of sharpeners, 2 packets of erasers, 1 big sized white board, 2 packets of whiteboard markers, 2 pieces of wooden black boards, 3 packets of chalks, 3 dusters, 4 packets of pencils, 1 packets of ruler, 10 pieces of school report books, 2 baco bags filled with cloths, and first aid drugs for treating malaria, typhoid, cough, ring worm, ulcer, diarrhea and body pains worth N17, 500.
g) The 4 teaches of GPS in Lagolwa will be brought to Billiri for a 2-day capacity building training in May 2022.
h) Fruit: one of the Fulani Muslim women who have been attending GPS has recently given her life to Christ. She has been moved to a different town for discipleship. Praise be to God for great things that He has done!
i) Most of the items were provided by CLTM Board of Trustees members and other community members, but the ministry spent a total of N49, 900 to buy other needed items.

Major Mission Outreach to Dadiya Mountains on 8th-9th November 2021

a) Target community: Lagolwa region on the mountains of Dadiya that straddle the boarders of Taraba and Gombe State, Nigeria.
b) Activities Done: preaching of the gospel of Jesus, film show, medical services, counseling, presentation of school materials and medical items/drugs, and listening to the needs of the community.
c) Fruit: God blessed the outreach with 6 people who gave their lives to Christ and 8 people who made their ways right with God.
d) Needs we discovered in the community:
i) The community is without school. The hundreds of kids grow to adulthood without even a primary education.
ii) No single health facility or health worker. The villagers walk 2-3 hours up and down the mountains to access primary health services.
iii) No clean drinking water.
f) A total of N73, 300 was spent. Sponsored by CLTM/ACM


The Maiden (2022) MAFEELDA Writing Contest for Gombe South Students in Higher Institutions was a huge success. Praise be to God! On Saturday 2nd July 2022, the Community Life Transformation Ministry (CLTM) presented prizes to the winners.

The first position got a laptop and N10,000. The second position received N30,000. The third position was awarded N20,000, and the other seven who are part of the top ten each were given N10,000. The winners of the competition are as follows:

  1. First Position: Christiana Ishaku Madi (BSc. Info. Tech., Faculty of Science, National Open Univ.; Billiri LGA, Gombe State).
  2. Second Position: Kent Kenneth (BSc. Hons. Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Gombe State University; Billiri LGA, Gombe State).
  3. Third Position: Jonathan David Alewa (LLB, Faculty of Law, Gombe State University; Balanga LGA, Gombe State). The Top Ten Essayists in alphabetical order are:
  4. Abinadab Ahijoh (BSc. Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Gombe State Univ.; Shongom LGA, Gombe State).
  5. Amirah Abdulrahman (BSc. Human Anatomy, College of Medical Sciences, Gombe State Univ.; Gombe LGA, Gombe State).
  6. Bathsheba Nerus (B.A. English, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Gombe State Univ.; Billiri LGA, Gombe State).
  7. Christiana Ishaku Madi (BSc. Info. Tech., Faculty of Science, National Open Univ,; Billiri LGA, Gombe State).
  8. Hannatu Ephraim Biwe (BSc. Industrial Chemistry, Faculty of Science, ATBU Bauchi; Kaltungo LGA, Gombe State).
  9. Jonathan David Alewa (LLB, Faculty of Law, Gombe State University; Balanga LGA, Gombe State).
  10. Judith Laphilai Maikaho (BSc. Micro Biology, Faculty of Science, Gombe State University; Billiri LGA, Gombe State).
  11. Kent Kenneth (BSc. Hons. Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, Gombe State University; Billiri LGA, Gombe State).
  12. Lydia Abel Buna (BSc. Biology, Faculty of Science, Gombe State Univ.; Billiri LGA, Gombe State).
  13. Saduwo Banyawa (BSc. Mass Communication, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Maiduguri; Numan LGA, Adamawa State.

In April, a call for entry was made for interested eligible individuals to submit a 900 to 1,000 words essay on the topic “How to Develop a Community without Relying on Politicians.”

A total of 21 entries were received from interested individuals and were subjected to scrutiny by an independent panel of four judges. After assessing the entries, the panel arrived at the above ten, who have demonstrated skills in line with the requirements, looking at grammar, composition and cohesion.

We are grateful to God for providing funds for the event through the generosity of Aaron & Rainy Schneider, and Andrew & Amanda Perry.

The Malame and Andele Foundation for Educational, Economic, and Leadership Development in Africa (MAFEELDA), is an arm of CLTM. The mission of MAFEELDA is to produce world-class intellectuals and millionaires who will recast the intellectual and the socio-economic landscape of Africa, beginning with their communities. This writing contest was designed in tandem with this mission statement in order to help young people discover and develop their writing gifts so as to attain their full potential in life and become a blessing to their communities and the world at large for the glory of God.

Please join us next year for the 2023 MAFEELDA writing competition.

CLTM: Touching Lives, Transforming Communities for the glory of God.

Andele Tadi
Founder and President, Community Life Transformation Ministry (CLTM), Billiri.

Report of the Rice and Funds Distribution to Pastors

We give thanks and praise to our God for the successful outreach of rice and money distribution to pastors on 13/08/21. CLTM/ACM distributed rice and funds worth more than half a million Naira to 55 pastors. Glory be to God.

This project was sponsored by the Friend Christian Assembly in Friend, NE. They sent us $1,000 and someone added $100. This was exchanged at N495 plus the N5,500 CBN bonus of N5 to any $1 withdrawal. This totalled N550,000.

Each pastor got a 25kg bag of rice worth N5,900, and each also received N3,000 (except 2 of them who received a higher amount because of their unique situation). We pray that these would be a blessing to the men of God and their families in these difficult times.

A big thanks to the committee and some of our leaders and members who sacrificed their time, wisdom, energy, and resources to see that this outreach was a success. Our ministry bus broke down on the way to Gombe on Thursday but they were able to fix it.

Below are pictures from the event. Thank you.